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Support for Charitable Organizations

Each of these organizations is grateful for every form of support especially because public funds become ever tighter. For this reason, we are happy to contribute even in a small way to easing this need. We also thank everyone who has supported us over the years both financially and through volunteer work.


Bags from the GAWC for Ukrainian Children












munchner tafel 1




munchner tafel 2




munchner tafel 3




munchner tafel 4











Donation for the Ronald McDonald Haus in Munich



scheckubergabe ronal mcdonald


GAWC president Traudl Schmid and Claire Heinrich, manager of the institution at the Deutsches Herzzentrum.

February 15, 2022


Handing Over of the Donation Check to "Nothilfefonds für Studierende der August Everding Stiftung"

Due to Covid-19 the Silvertea 2021 and the Magnolia Ball 2022 have to be canceled.  Therefore the great donation check of the German American Womens' Club Munich was handed over to the "Nothilfefonds für Studierende der August Everding Stiftung" on stage of the Prinzregententheater. After an overwhelming performance of the opera "L'occasione fa il ladro" by Rossini, our president Traudl Schmid presented the check to Prof. Hans-Jürgen Drescher, president of the Bayerische Theaterakademie. The members of the German American Womens' Club in the audience were enthusiastic of the talent and the performance of the students of the academy.

opernabend bild von akademie

                                                                         Copyright:  Jean-Marc Turmes

On stage for the check handing over (from right to left): Timothy Liston, Consul General of the USA in Munich, vice president of the German American Womens' Club Sandra Hirschmann, chairlady Magnolia ball Ulrike Grimm, Prof. Hans-Jürgen Drescher, president of the Bayerische Theaterakademie, president of the German-American Womens' Club Traudl Schmid, chairlady silvertea Susanne Ahrens and the students of the academy Camilla Saba Davies und Isaac Adrien Tolley.

opernabend sandra und generalkonsul   

Timothy Liston, Consul General of the USA in Munich and vice president of the German American Womens' Club Sandra Hirschmann

opernabend ganze gruppe 2 3

Prof. Hans-Jürgen Drescher, president of the Bayerische Theaterakademie, president of the German-American Womens' Club Traudl Schmid and chairlady silvertea Susanne Ahrens.

 opernabend susi.[1]      opernabend susi 2



Timothy Liston, Consul General of the USA in Munich (left) and Prof. Hans-Jürgen Drescher, president of the Bayerische Theaterakademie (right) with Susanne Ahrens (Chairlady Silvertea) and Traudl Schmid (President).





Pfarrer Rainer Maria Schießler has assisted the Club in Handing out 3500 FFP2 Masks to People in Need


With the financial support of the generous friends and members of the GAWC and the gift of an unbelievable huge package of FFP2 masks, handed out by the managing director Orhan Söhmelioglu of the the young company SWS Medicare, the club could donate 3500 FFP2 masks to people in need.



ffp2 masken ubergabeThe Managing Director of SWS Medicare Orhan Söhmelioglu and Susanne Ahrens, Chairlady Silver Tea


Rainer Maria Schießler, priest of the parishes  of St. Maximilian and  Heilig Geist, has assisted in distributing the masks to men of the "Katholische Männerfürsorgeverein München" and the "Straßenambulanz München".


pfarrer schiesslerSusann Ahrens, Pfarrer Rainer Maria Schießler, Traudl Schmid


President Traudl Schmid and Susanne Ahrens are glad, that three other social institutions can be supported with this donation:


The Ronald MCDonald Haus at the Deutschen Herzzentrum München, the Alten- und Service-Zentrum of the Caritas München, the Imma e.V. Initiative for girls and young women in need. 

ffp2 ronald mcdonaldRonald MCDonald Haus München-Herzzentrum

Präsidentin Traudl Schmid / Chairlady Susanne Ahrens / Leitung Ronald MCDonald Haus Tanja Forderer-Barlag

 ffp2 imma

IMMA e.V. München
Chairlady Susanne Ahrens /  Präsidentin Traudl Schmid / Gundula Brunner - Sabine Wieninger Geschäftsführender Vorstand


ffp2 caritas
ASZ Caritas Verband Erzdiözese  München Freising e.V.
Geschäftsführung Ute Bernauer / Chairlady Susanne Ahrens / Präsidentin Traudl Schmid




600 FFP2 protective masks for KARLA 51,

a shelter house for momeless women


gawc karla 51

Home-office, home-schooling, cocooning are the things we have to cope with in the new normality of pandemia. Home is where children attend school lessons via zoom, were we do our jobs, where we feel safe.


A safe home is so important to all of us. However, it is not guaranteed to everybody.

There are some in our wealthy society, who have no homes. In addition, in this situation of the pandemia, especially women and children are victims of domestic violence and have to seek for shelter. They find help and support at KARLA 51, a shelter house for homeless women in need. KARLA 51 provides direct emercency assistance and supports in finding a new home.


For these women in need the FFP2 protective masks, mandatory in public transportations and when shopping since January 18, are a financial burden, some of them cannot afford the masks. The German American Women's club donated FFP2 protective masks for them. The president of the club Traudl Schmid and chairlady Silver Tea Susanne Ahrens handed out a big package of 600 masks.



The KinderschutzHaus München receives Support

Our president Traudl Schmid and chairlady of charity Renate Schmucker handed over a cheque to Hanna Prausnitz,  president of the institution KinderschutzHaus Munich. The KinderschutzHaus Munich is a shelter home for children and parents who need support.



Spring 2020

In these times of extreme need created by the present covid-19 pandemic, the German American Women's Club of Munich donated at short note urgently needed protective gloves and face masks to the two charitable organizations "Münchner Tafel e.V." and "Karla 51" accommodating homeless women.






Charity Women Power with German-American Surprise

At ZONTA Clubs New Year’s Reception in Munich

A notable meeting of the four ZONTA Women’s Clubs and the German-American Women’s Club Munich took place in the Evangelical St. Lucas Church. Under the auspices of Susanne Breit-Keßler, Regional Bishop, ret., The Gospel Choir of the St. Lucas Church, under the direction of Bastian Pusch, presented a heartfelt, touching and wonderfully choreographed program. Through the magical, colorful light display, the neo-Romanesque church interior seemed almost mystical.

st. lukas kirche1



ZONTA 2 Club President Dr. Petra Bernatzeder opened the evening by welcoming the numerous guests, many of whom were members of the ZONTA Clubs and the German-American Women’s Clubs. The passion that both these women’s clubs bring to bear for women in poverty, and especially for older poor women, became quickly obvious.


In her speech, the Regional Bishop Breit-Keßler, ret., sought to broaden the understanding of the development of poverty in older women: Among many reasons, she cited the effects of divorce and the lack of employment opportunities for women during the 1960’s and 1970’s that would provide financial security in their old age.

The proceeds from the evening’s event were specifically directed to the renovation of the women’s homeless shelter in the basement under the St. Lucas Church, and also to the ZONTA project, “Poverty of Older Women”.


st. lukas 4b


A splendid high point occurred at the end of the evening. The German-American Women’s Club of Munich, e.V, had announced at its recent Magnolia Ball that it would donate 15,000€ to the Arbeitskreis Armut (task force for the basement homeless shelter), motivating the Stiftung “Findelkind” (charity for people in need) to donate an additional 10,000€. The announcement of this donation was accompanied by enthusiastic applause by all those in attendance.

 An evening that inspires hope.

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