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Special Events

Charity Women Power with German-American Surprise

At ZONTA Clubs New Year’s Reception in Munich

A notable meeting of the four ZONTA Women’s Clubs and the German-American Women’s Club Munich took place in the Evangelical St. Lucas Church. Under the auspices of Susanne Breit-Keßler, Regional Bishop, ret., The Gospel Choir of the St. Lucas Church, under the direction of Bastian Pusch, presented a heartfelt, touching and wonderfully choreographed program. Through the magical, colorful light display, the neo-Romanesque church interior seemed almost mystical.

st. lukas kirche1



ZONTA 2 Club President Dr. Petra Bernatzeder opened the evening by welcoming the numerous guests, many of whom were members of the ZONTA Clubs and the German-American Women’s Clubs. The passion that both these women’s clubs bring to bear for women in poverty, and especially for older poor women, became quickly obvious.


In her speech, the Regional Bishop Breit-Keßler, ret., sought to broaden the understanding of the development of poverty in older women: Among many reasons, she cited the effects of divorce and the lack of employment opportunities for women during the 1960’s and 1970’s that would provide financial security in their old age.

The proceeds from the evening’s event were specifically directed to the renovation of the women’s homeless shelter in the basement under the St. Lucas Church, and also to the ZONTA project, “Poverty of Older Women”.


st. lukas 4b


A splendid high point occurred at the end of the evening. The German-American Women’s Club of Munich, e.V, had announced at its recent Magnolia Ball that it would donate 15,000€ to the Arbeitskreis Armut (task force for the basement homeless shelter), motivating the Stiftung “Findelkind” (charity for people in need) to donate an additional 10,000€. The announcement of this donation was accompanied by enthusiastic applause by all those in attendance.

 An evening that inspires hope.


German-Amerikan Day Karlsruhe 2019


andrea und traudl mit studenten 2

Vizepraesidentin Andrea Lehner (links) und Praesidentin Traudl Schmid mit Studenten


Independence Day 2016, U.S. Consulate General, Munich


2016 Dining Out



Impact Day 2016 with Discovery Networks

Kochen für die Patientenfamilien im Ronald McDonald Haus

am Deutschen Herzzentrum in München



Independence Day 2015, U.S. Consulate General, Munich



Springbreak 2015 in America Haus, Munich - sponsored by GAWC




July 2014 Visiting the 'Landtag' in Munich


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