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60 Years of Service - German-American Women's Club of Munich

73 Years of Service

The German-American Women’s Club in Munich was founded in 1948. Ever since the beginning, it has strived to help people in need. Charitable service has a long tradition in the USA; in our club we are committed to carrying on in this tradition. Right after World War II, people everywhere in Germany clearly needed help. Nowadays, we also support the student exchange and the youth exchange programs of the Federation of German-American Clubs. In addition, we support charitable projects in and around Munich, in which our members themselves are actively engaged.

HRH Pilar Princess von Bayern, one of the club’s first presidents, had the idea to hold „baby showers“. As a trained nurse, she knew that expectant mothers had
no layettes for their babies. So club members sewed and collected clothing and equipment for babies.

The March of Dimes aided victims of tuberculosis and polio by providing medications, iron lungs and other
auxiliary material. Already in those days, money for this cause was collected through charity fundraisers such as the Silver Tea.

In addition to stipends for needy students, the club organized warm daycare centers for elderly refugee women, where they could do light work and earn a little money.
The club also organized a group to distribute “meals on wheels”. Delivery teams were formed, each with a German and an American lady. Until the end of 2019, ladies from our club did volunteer work in the project "meals on wheels" by the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Bayern.



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