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The German American Youth Program

By 1958, weekend seminars for German and American youth were already being held in order to promote friendship between Germany and the USA. The long tradition of the Youth Program of the Federation of German-American Clubs, VDAC, continues today. Educational seminars for youth are held each year in the early spring and fall. The main topics of the seminars that the youth discuss are chosen to reflect current events. As a result of these discussions, cultural differences are revealed and explored, leading to mutual understanding.

Annually since 1995, the German American Youth Program has offered German youth from 14 to 17 years of age the opportunity to take part in a ‘Meeting and Speaking Trip’ to the United States. Besides program content relating to American history and culture, the central feature of these summer trips is, above all, personal contact with American youth. The highlight and most cherished part of the trip is a week-long stay by the young people with an American host family. In this way, the participants become personally familiar with the ‘American Way of Life’. Since 1999, there has also been the same opportunity for American youth to travel to Germany.

Before each trip, the German youth meet and get to know one another. Then, after their return from the USA, they stay in contact through group activities such as bowling in Munich. Shared experiences and memories of their trip have resulted in the development of many long-term friendships and even though many go on to become college students in other parts of Germany, they are enthusiastic about returning to Munich to take part in these reunions.

More information about the Educational Seminars, or the yearly Meeting and Speaking Trips, may be found on the website of the Federation of German-American Clubs, VDAC:

Past Programs:

Youth Trip 2017 — Two Weeks In North Carolina. Typical American leisure activities — such as rafting, a ropes course and baseball — await the participants in the first week of the VDAC Youth Trip 2017. The youth will stay in a YMCA facility in Asheville and make outings to the NC state forest and the University of NC campus. They will also become familiar with the American culture of volunteering. The second week, the youth will spend with a host family. Participating in English courses (in part, together with American teenagers), becoming acquainted with everyday American activities and meeting new people, will make the trip into something special to remember. More information may be found at:

Educational Seminar for Youth 2016, Berlin, Brandenburger Tor (Copyright Jakob Meineke)
Youth Trip 2016, America from East to West, L.A. Universal Studios (Copyright Oliver Scheele)

Educational Seminar for Youth 2016 — Berlin in 48 Hours. Potsdamer Platz, a tour of the Reichstag building of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament), the former Checkpoint Charlie guardhouse, the ‘Story of Berlin’ Museum and much more — those who took part in the Youth Seminar 2016 of the VDAC received an in-depth look into both the past and present of Germany’s capital city and were also able to take part in the Federation’s 2016 Convention. Information on future educational seminars may be found at:

Youth Trip 2016 — America from East to West. Eleven young people became acquainted with America’s large metropolises as well as its natural beauty during the VDAC Youth Trip 2016. They traveled from the East Coast of the USA to the West Coast: New York, San Francisco, the Yosemite Valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Intensive impressions of the cities and countryside, a glimpse into American culture and society, its past and present, made the two week trip into an unforgettable experience.


2015  Bowling-Event in Munich

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