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German American

Helping since 1948

The German American Women's Club of Munich was founded in 1948 and since its beginnings has always tried to support people in need. The idea of charity has a long tradition in the USA, which we continue in our Club with great commitment by donating to charitable institutions in the greater Munich area. Additionally we promote German American friendship through our support for the Student Exchange and Youth Programs of the Federation of German American Clubs.

HRH Princess Pilar of Bavaria, one of the first presidents of the Club, had the idea of a "Baby Shower". As a trained nurse, she knew that expectant mothers did not have any equipment for their babies. So Club members sewed and collected infant clothing and equipment.

The Club provided scholarships for needy students and support groups for elderly single refugee women who were given warm rooms to do small jobs to earn some money. Hot meals were delivered to needy families under the motto "Meals on wheels".

A group of Club ladies, organized jointly by an American and a German volunteer, ran this service until 2021. This service became known in Germany under the name "Meals on Wheels".


History and Development of the German American Women's Club Munich


End of World War II: Germany is divided into four occupation zones administered by military governments. The official policy of the Americans is to prohibit fraternization between Germans and Americans. The "Non-Fraternization Law" comes into force.

General Lucius D. Clay, Military Governor of the US occupation zone in Germany, ends the policy of "Non-Fraternization" and orders the establishment of German American Friendship Clubs throughout the American occupation zone.

The idea of founding a Munich Women's Club arises at the end of 1947. Some ladies, including HRH (Her Royal Highness) Princess Pilar of Bavaria, together with the wives of American officers stationed in Munich, want to help solve everyday problems of the difficult post-war period.

The German American Women's Club of Munich which, in the meantime, had been founded, distinguishes itself through its charitable activities. HRH Princess Pilar of Bavaria, German Club members and American officers' wives join forces to help the suffering population.

The first "Silver Tea" of the German American Women's Club of Munich is held at the home of then US Consul General Sam E. Woods in Munich. Donations for charitable projects are collected.

The first "Magnolia Ball" is held at the Regina Palast Hotel in Munich. HRH Princess Pilar of Bavaria is elected Club President of the German American Women's Club of Munich.

On the initiative of the German American Women's Club Munich, the student exchange program "A Bridge Across the Ocean" is founded.
For the first time, two American students are invited to spend a year studying at a German university. For their part, the home universities of these two Americans each offer German students a scholarship.
US Vice President Nixon recognizes the Federation for its work.

The German American Youth Program is established: German and American youths between the ages of 14 and 18 are brought together for weekend seminars.

The German American Friendship Week is held for the first time with the participation of leading German and American personalities.

The umbrella organization of all the German American clubs, VDAC, founds the Alumni Club as a platform and network for alumni of the Student Exchange Program.

General Lucius D. Clay, who in 1946 as military governor of the US occupation zone in Germany created the conditions for the founding of German American Clubs by ending the "Non-Fraternization Law," receives the Konrad Adenauer Award for his services. He donates his cash prize of DM 32,000 to the Federation.

The "German American Day" is established and replaces the German American Friendship Week. Since then, on a Saturday in early October, the highest award of the Federation, the Lucius D. Clay Medal, is awarded to a person who has rendered outstanding services to German American friendship.

Seit 1991
Students and youth from the former East Germany participate in the Student Exchange and Youth Programs.

Introduction of the transatlantic Youth Program "Homestay Program in USA". The first trip of German youth to the USA takes place including spending time with American families.

The Youth Program "Homestay Program in Germany" for American youth is launched.

50th anniversary of the Youth Program.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is awarded the General Lucius D. Clay Medal.

55th anniversary of the "German American Student Exchange Program". Since its founding in 1957, some 2700 students from Germany and the USA have participated in this program. To date, agreements have been signed with 20 partner universities in the US, including the University of Cincinnati, Munich's sister city.

65th anniversary of the German-American Women's Club of Munich.
First press conference on the occasion of the Club's anniversary at the International Press Club Munich.

Press conference at the International Press Club Munich.

The Club's involvement in the "Meals on Wheels" project of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Bayern is acknowledged in the press report Gelebte Solidarität. Gelebte Solidarität.

70th anniversary of the German American Women's Club Munich.
The long-time leader of the "Meals on Wheels" group, Carole Boehm, receives the medal München Leuchtet (Munich Shines)..

In the Kaisersaal (Imperial Hall) of the Residence, the 70th Silver Tea is held.

The Silver Tea is cancelled for the first time in 70 years due to the Covid pandemic. Club members and friends of the Silver Tea are asked in writing for a donation to continue the social projects and the response is impressive.

The Magnolia Ball, which was to be held for the 70th time in February, was cancelled for the first time in its history due to the pandemic lockdown.
For the second year, the Silver Tea could not take place because of the Covid pandemic.
Club members and friends of the two charity events were each successfully written to request a donation to continue the social projects.
An Inclusion Golf Tournament is introduced as a new, additional charity event and is held for the first time in September 2021 at the Golfpark München-Aschheim.

The Magnolia Ball, usually held during the carnival season, is cancelled for a second year in a row due to pandemic restrictions.
Club members and friends of the charitable event, asked in writing for a donation, respond generously.
The second Inclusion Golf Tournament is held in September 2022 in Aschheim with great success.
The 71st Silver Tea, after a two-year break due to the pandemic, takes place again in November 2022 in its usual festive splendor.

The 70th Magnolia Ball: In February 2023, after being cancelled in each of the two preceding years due to the pandemic, is once again celebrated in splendor.            
In a glamorous ceremony in the Hubertussaal of Schloss Nymphenburg, the GAWC celebrated its 75th anniversary.


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